Compact design. HIGH PERFORMANCE.

100% MODERN.


Maximum Power, Unrelenting Reliability, Uncompromising Quality Every Crane Offers Best-In-Class Hoists
To Match Your Power And Performance Needs.

Wire rope hoists



Our Hoists Have What It Takes To Become The Beating Heart Of Your Material Lifting And Moving Operation. Powerful Enough To Back Your Needs And Compact Enough To Fit Any Application, Our Hoists Can Be Used To Create A Full Range Of Solutions Spanning Different Size And Lifting Capacity.

With Water Resistant Components And A Smart Design That Can Access The Tiniest Of Nooks And Crannies In Your Project Site, Our Hoists Can Add Modernity To Your Existing Crane Installation.



Precise positioning
of heavy loads

Hoists With True-Vertical-Lift Reeving Arrangements Make Lifting Heavy Loads Precise And Safer. With Integrated Load-Sway Reduction And Inverter-Controlled Microspeeds, Our GOD Hoists Ensure That The Load You Are Moving Lands Exactly Where You Want Them To. 

 Make Your Material Moving Operations More Efficient, Secure And Economical.


Enhanced Sway Control  Reduces Risk Of Damage To The Load, Crane Installation, Project Site. Speedy Load Handling Ensures Material Stays Suspended For Least Possible Time, Precise Positioning Bring Accuracy To  Load’s Landing And Bridge-And-Trolley Speed Control Limits Swing.

Snag prevention

Accidents Are Prevented With Proactive Measures To Stop Losses. If Our Hoist System Detect A Snag, The Built-In System Is Designed To Stop All Crane Movement Immediately. GOD Hoists Ensure Accident Prevention On Your Project Site With Our State-Of-The-Art Snag Prevention System!.

Adapting speed range & Extended speed range

Heavy Material Can Behave Erratically If The Hoist Speed Isn’t Adapted To Its Weight. Our Adaptive Speed Controls And Extended Range Can Help You Customise Your Material Movement System To Match The Specific Needs Of The Load You Are Currently Dealing With.

AssiSted load turning

Turning Heavy Load Is One Of The Riskiest Manoeuvres You Will Have To Undertake On Your Rig. With GOD Hoists, You Can Manage To Turn The Loads With Straight Ropes And No Side Pull, Making Your Operations More Safer, Simpler And Accurate.

Hook centering

No More Worrying About Side Pull And Lopsided Load Packages! With GOD Hoists’ Hook Centering System, The Bridge And Trolley Are Automatically Positioned Directly Over The Load, Thereby Eliminating Any Erratic Pulls And Snags While Your Load Is On The Move. 

Hoising synchronization

If Your Project Has Two Or More Hoists Moving Simultaneously,  GOD Cranes’ Hoist Synchronisation Features Enable You To Minimize The Possibility Of On-Site Accidents By Controlling The Distance Between Each Hoist And Bringing Precision And Predictability To Each Movement.

Shock load prevention

Every Shock Needs To Be Carefully Absorbed To Prevent Any Kind Of Damage Caused To Material Being Moved. Our Load Shock Prevention Features Can Make Your Load Pick-Up, Touch Down And On-Bridge Movement Smooth And Easy To Manage.

follow me

GOD Hoists Come Equipped With An Innovative ‘Follow-Me’ Feature That Lets You Move The Crane Above The Load By Simply Guiding The Hook By Hand. No More Having To Go Back And Forth To Take The Most Precise Position For Achieving A Clean Lift/Drop.

Slack rope prevention

The Slack Rope Prevention System  Ensures Immediate Stoppage Of The Lowering Movement Once The Load Has Reached A Predetermined Final Position. This Helps You Control The Crane More Accurately By Ensuring The Listing Device Doesn’t Fall Over.

Load Floating

Load Floating Features Can Help Reduce The Wear And Tear Damage By Keeping The Load Floating In Position After The Hoisting Movement Stops. Bid Goodbye To Abrupt Braking With The Innovative Hoisting Solutions Brought To You By GOD Cranes.


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