Crane Kits

more Flexibility. More Possibilities.

Tailored to meet your needs

Our Crane Kits Give You The Power To Extract The Highest Performance And Productivity From Every Lifting Installation On-Site. A Wide Range Of Standardised Components Are Readily Available To Customise Your Rig To Your Specifications.

  • High Rigidity And Minimal Torsion To Execute Safe Lifts
  • Reinforced Connection, Welded Diaphragm Plate With An Enclosed Box-Section Profile
  • Enhanced Tolerance Against Wear And Tear In Crane Girder Connections
  • Precise Travel Wheel Axle Arrangement And Crane Span Adjustment For Movement Accuracy
  • Smart Component Design Characteristics Reduces Wear And Tear  
  • Lifelong Lubricated Anti-Friction Bearings And Spheroidal-Graphite Cast Iron Wheels
  • Enhanced Efficiency And Handling With Increased Load Cycle Rates
  • Compact Design To Fit Into The Tightest Corners Of Your Rig
  • Small Approach Dimensions For Enhanced Control Over Load Movement
  • Large Hook Paths For Better Manoeuvrability
  • Smart Design Allows For Maximum Utilisation Of Site Space
  • Enhanced Control Over Lift And Travel Speeds To Prevent Load Sway, Snags, Shocks
  • Improved Accessibility, Safety And Usage Experience Of The Entire Crane System
  • DSL Compact Conductor Line To Accommodate Multiple Poles/Screw Connections
  • Increased Service Life Of The Crane With A Dependable Power Supply
  • Reliable Power Source  Ensuring No Unscheduled Downtimes
  • Faster Installation With Pre-Completed Sub-Assemblies
  • Simple Replacement Of Collector/Section Components 
  • Minimised Maintenance And Ease Of Use
  • Integrated Expansion Compensation
  • Prevention Of Sealing Lip Contact Accidents
  • Enhanced Safety With Smart Protection Features Against Accidents And Damage


God CRane kits' advantages

  • Customise Single & Double Girder Bridge & Suspension Cranes 
  • Wide Range Of Single & Double Crab Operations
  • Combination Options That Can Fit Any Installation
  • Easy To Choose, Install, Use Plug-And-Play Crane Kits
  • Enhanced Features Maximise Safety, Productivity, Performance